Growing funds through data connections, innovation, and enquiring minds.

Our investment approach combines rigorous empirical analysis as we strive to drive investment decisions that build on strong risk management and capital growth, built on convex, asymmetrical, protection from returns.

We make extensive use of data science methods over large data sets, innovating constantly in our methods and approaches. Yet, we believe our investment approach retains the most important element to the successful deployment of capital, decisions taken by enquiring minds.

Deuterium Capital Management, LLC, and Deuterium Investment Advisors Limited are privately held companies.

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We meticulously cull economic and market insight from a network of thought leaders and data channels. Utilizing some of the most cutting-edge and proprietary systems available, we then engage in rigorous quantitative analysis.


Our process continues as a non-digital, analogue enquiry.

Derived through the humanities and social science theory, our economic forecasts and qualitative selection come down to understanding the choices of individuals.



Deuterium Investment Advisors Limited

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Deuterium Capital Management, LLC

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